Friday, March 13, 2009

One of the worst things about ttc again.

Holding pee for accurate opks.

Seeing as I was home yesterday, I went ahead took opk's in the morning. Getting a + on the line test prompted me to take a digital, which gave me the smiley face.

I repeated in the evening when I normally take them, after trying to hold my urine for awhile, but it was lighter than I would have liked (late lunch and drink with it). And while the line test remained positive, the digital was negative. That gave me a frowny face. Especially since it looked exactly like the one from the morning that was positive.

I have no idea really what is happening in there. I'm having twinges on the right side, and the cervix is still high up and soft (but more closed?). I am having what I would describe as water fluid, but nothing like the last two days which I might describe as . . . squishy. Maybe another false start, maybe my body will give up the ghost, dunno.

But right now? I sort of have to pee. A lot. And my DH just called to say he's stuck working late. Which means at least 2 hours before I can pee. Unless I want to not take an opk tonight.


Also? I think my thermometer may be possessed. Just sayin'.

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