Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Names and other random things.

It is decided.

The 300 shall be referred to as Grover. Grover Leonidas. But really, come on. Grover.

How did this come to be? I explained why DH liked Leo, and I was meh about it. It was ok, but not fantastic. I told him I've been digging the name Oscar for awhile now. He snapped back that if you were going with a Muppet Sesame Street character then it had to be a blue one, so that limited us to Grover and Cookie Monster and Cookie Monster was out. Grover, eh?

Heh, I like that name. I really, really like that name. . . and so we thought it over and agreed last night that the car shall henceforth be known as Grover Leonidas. It's fitting.

Lemme see, what else?

Uh, I've lost no more weight, and may have gained a pound or two, but my measurements are definitely smaller. lolz.

Uhm, I need to update my chart. I may be gearing up for ovulation attempt #2. Still spotting, still hoping it goes away. But there has also been clearly EWCM and my cervix is changing from rock hard, low and open to medium, medium, open. And the opk's had gone negative with no or only a faint test line and as of last night there was a noticeable line again. So, here's hoping. If nothing else, I hope that a normal cycle will make the spotting stop. Apparently it's not really abnormal - it's unusual, but not worrisome (to someone who has been laid in the last few months). I can have some hormones to try and deal with it, but since I want to avoid fucking up my cycle more . . . I just have to live with it for now. Anyway, I hope it stops soon or that I ovulate soon. I want to ttc and right now, the when of that is questionable due to my cycle alone. At this point, I'm not exceedingly trustful about the quality of my eggs, so I want a fresh cycle making things good when we start again.

Anything else? Guess not. There isn't much happening right now, I suppose. Maybe I'll grace you with a beautifully written piece on being overweight in our society soon, or about meanness/snark/bitchiness/bitterness on internet message boards soon. Who knows?

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