Monday, April 20, 2009

All right then, what do you think?

So my temp went up again this morning to 97.3.

One more temp above 96.9 will give me crosshairs on FF.

I was feeling good. Cervix seemed to have moved down the last two days (sex was not as much fun last night, because of that issue and the position we were utilizing). This morning there was some wet fluid, but it seemed like watery/creamy fluid or leftover cm.

Went to the bathroom a little while ago and same sort of thing. Except the cervix was high and open. Maybe medium open, but definitely open.

I am going to bash my head in. I can't take this - I need to have ovulated already. I know cervical position is a secondary indicatory of fertility (for this reason) and that it can change throughout the day . . . but come on. Oh, and for added fun, there was some ewcm up near my cervix. Very little though.

So that's probably just a fluke right? It's probably just taking awhile to come down, right? Or my temp wouldn't have been in a standard post-O temp range (and made it so that unless my temp takes a huge drop down tomorrow, over half a degree, then I have a clear ovulation pattern), right?

Here's my chart, for grins:

Take the ovulation poll. Tell me I'm not insane and that we really can stop having sex, because I am so freaking over it. I care less about pregnancy at this moment than I do about being nearly done with this cycle.


Ibis said...

I think you did O... either CD26 or CD27. It looks really promising. And OMG you guys are troopers - your BD stats are formidable! GL

Rebecca said...

I think you O'd already but need to see today's temp to know for sure. Becky19