Monday, April 13, 2009


I got nothing to share.

FF says I ovulated on cd18, which makes me 3dpo today.

Unless I change it to the FAM detector, which says no ovulation. And I don't blame it, because seriously, I can't really say I ovulated either. I mean - not temps wise. It's either a remarkably slow rise with the world's lowest coverline (in fact, only three of my 12 pre-O temps are below the coverline, which makes it not right, imo).

Now, if I have higher temps tomorrow and the next day - that means that FAM will detect ovulation, at cd19. And if I have those and discard my super-low-throwing-everything-off temp at cd18, and go back to the regular FF dectector, ovulation gets moved back to cd16, which would make me 5dpo today.

And of course, there is the possibility that the reason I am not having fertility signs is not because I ovulated, but because my body called it off and went into hiatus.

So . . . how do I know when to pee on a stick then?

SUCK. I may just actually have to wait. Which. . . suck! My addiction is thwarted!

Seriously, minus the temps, I will place ovulation on cd17, personally. The ewcm I'm recording was a glob late in the evening, after an entire day of creamy cm. I wish I knew what was going on. I am going to continue checking for fluid and see what happens - there may have been some ewcm today, but honestly, I think it was leftover semen. I'll keep checking. The cervix may be more open, but it's not the clear, high, distinct open that it was last week. My boobs are sore again. Which - if I were 5 dpo would not be abnormal. If I am yet to ovulate, not abnormal.

It's just weird. I feel like such a newb, but I take comfort in the other expert charters (and I feel like I know my way around a chart after 6 years - which is why I don't trust ff in the first place) being as baffled as I am.

But seriously - I have two questions remaining - when can I pee on a stick and get a reliable answer and when can I stop having sex? 7x in 8 days is enough. We are TIRED of having sex (yeah, yeah, the irony of my bitching about this after a week, when I bitched for months about not having sex. Bite me.) and ready for a break.

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