Wednesday, April 29, 2009

And I have a beta draw today.

I thought I should wait, but then I didn't because I'm panicky like that.

So I called the mw and she said to come on in today, no need to wait.

And she also said it was so odd I called today, because she was just thinking of me this very morning, wondering when she would hear from me again. Very interesting coincidence.

We're hoping third time is a charm.

I'm looking for the initial beta to be very, very low (as it is 11 dpo) and hoping for a nice rise on Friday. That's the benefit of having it drawn today, I can have some idea by Friday other than peeing on sticks.

So cross your fingers for a) decent number and b) no blown vein this time.

{edited to add, decent number would be over 20. The median from for 11 dpo is 23. The medium range seems to be 10-55. just for context}

* * * *

I like my midwife. She was terribly amused by how early I came in, but said she didn't mind at all, there was no need to wait.

She didn't blow the vein, but she did give me a bad bruise again. Ouchie.

We agreed we'd draw again on Monday to make sure that there was plenty of time for doubling, since we anticipate a low initial number, and so we don't waste our time if it happened to be a chemical pregnancy, though she said with me having symptoms, she was very optimistic.


SweetSpikette said...

fingers are crossed tight. good luck!

Elaine said...

Wishing you all the luck and great numbers!

shotzie said...

I hope you get great news with the betas! GL!

Rachel said...

I hope this weekend goes by very quickly for you!!