Thursday, April 9, 2009

And a new record was set!

5 days in a row.

Even on our honeymoon we haven't managed that.

Granted, on our honeymoon, we foolishly stayed in town so we still had tons of family and friends visiting and we were running like mad trying to squeeze in time with everyone. I wouldn't change that for the world - truly! - but holy cow. Between that, and the bed being too soft (there is in fact, such a thing), I didn't sleep. And given the pre-wedding jitters, I didn't sleep for like, 5 days. It's own record!

But while I thought I had ovulated early this morning (too early to see a temp shift), I may have been wrong. It's a mixed bag of symptoms. Until late this evening, no cramping or ovulation pain at all (after a LOT last night, mostly on the right side). My breasts were not sore any longer. My skin was not nearly as oily (at least until tonight - still need to wash my face). No mood swings, which was fantastic, seriously. My cervix was lower and a lot more firm, but still open. Weird. Cervical fluid was all over the place - watery this morning, then creamy all day, then watery with some eggwhite this evening. Have had several lines on opk's but no positive at all.

So I don't know what is happening. I was feeling really tired of sex earlier, but when I saw the eggwhite fluid and realized I really may not have ovulated after all (oh, I hope I did, because it was SUCH a nice looking chart), I asked DH if he was up for it. He was tired and half-asleep but seemed willing.

So away we went. And it was good.

Now I just need to see a nice temp in the morning or the day after . . . cause I dunno about breaking this record any time soon.

* * * *
ETA - no temp jump this morning. Dunno what's happening! We'll see, I suppose . . . I'm still hopeful that I will ovulate shortly and we will be in business. I really don't know how long this streak can extend. . .

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