Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Nothing much to report.

Things are . . . fine.

Work is fine, house is fine, dog and cat are fine, dh is fine, I am fine. . . all is well.

No symptoms to speak of at this point (obviously - it's 4 dpo). Nausea that has plagued me off and on since the last 2ww made a vengeful reappearance this morning that had me gulping back the bile so I didn't throw up on dh. Which made me miss our exit and have to u-turn to get to work. Boobs had random lightening shot of pain and then some residual ache that has disappeared since bra removal. That's it, really.

Today I feel hopeful about our chances. Tomorrow may be totally different, but for now, yeah. Feeling good.

That's really it! How boring and lame! Fortunately (or not, depending on whether you read during the crazy times or not, and no, I'm not certain when it's not crazy), more symptoms should be cropping up soon and we'll be headed into the tension territory - where there are signs to analyze and you know it's possible for implantation to be occuring and for a very early, very faint line to show up . . . and then we'll have some real fun.

My temps so far have been VERY pretty - 97.6 this morning. So I'm really debating about how long I intend to temp. The plan was originally to go through the week and quit. I think I'll be less stressed out if we stuck to that. But I want to know if it's going up and possibly becoming tri-phasic or whatnot. But I don't want to know if it's going to stall out or drop back down.

Sort of like -I'd love to take this pregnancy test if you can guarantee me that it will be positive. Sadly impossible, but oh, a working crystal ball would make this all much easier.

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