Sunday, April 5, 2009

So apparently my nephew was a planned accident.

DH returned from the funeral services for his grandmother to inform me that his side of the family is woefully under-represented in terms of grandchildren, my BIL and SIL being the only ones to produce any to date.

Many of the extended family expressed their condolences on our pregnancy loss to DH, as they have not seen him to do so previously. Many of them don't know about the ectopic pregnancy. SIL (the one with kids) cornered DH and began asking about our reproductive plans.

I know some people might be bothered by that, but it's no secret we are trying. Anyhow, DH assures her we intend to try again and that we had had to stop due to the ectopic pregnancy (I believe he called it another early miscarriage with issues that made us need to hold). Somehow, the conversation turned to SIL offering DH advice about getting pregnant.

She told him all about getting pregnant with my niece (DH shuddered when recounting it to me and said, "Suffice it to say, I know way, way more about my brother and SIL and their sexual habits than I ever wanted to know."). She then proceeded to tell him all about how BIL didn't particularly want another child at all, let alone then, so she started charting and just neglected to inform him or take birth control.

Holy Mother of Fuck.

That is information that boggles my mind. Who does that (apart from the obvious answer)? And then admits it to her husband's youngest brother? Overshare much?

I can't deny that I will laugh inside my head next time I see that BIL though. Because he's sort of a giant asshole and now I know something he doesn't. Which doesn't make it right, in any way shape or form, just saying.


queenrandom said...

Well that is how I came into existence. And not knowing that could have saved me years of therapy and hundreds of dollars. Hopefully BIL and nephew never find out.

momma chicky said...

yeah - my hubby's brothers may have been victims of similar actions by their wives . . . needless to say, up until now, we've been uber-careful and i am super open with him . . . it is still mind-boggling!

Just Caz said...

what a weird conversation.
I can't imagine anyone admiting that and talking about it so publically...

But infact I think thats exactly how I came into exisistance.

My mother always said she wanted three kids and got three kids (just when she wanted them)
I know if only all the amazing intended parents in the world could be so lucky.

Your SIL sounds a lil on the weird side though..