Friday, April 17, 2009

A night off

And well earned, I should think.

Though it actually pains me, as I had overwhelming amounts of eggwhite fluid dripping out of me today. Like, really pains me. DH promised we'd have sex tomorrow morning though, and honestly, we're both so tired after this week, it's for the best.

It was a shit week, for the most part. Busy and then bad at work (lame) and fatigue, nightmares and mood swings at home. And all the fucking sex.

So woooo! None tonight and hopefully just once this weekend. Hopefully a temp jump tomorrow will make clear ovulation (possibly yesterday with a nice temp jump, but really, with all the fluid and high cervix, I find it hard to believe), and we can go back to ignoring each other again.

No, we don't really ignore each other, but I have to admit, this week my fantasies have centered more on that than on sexy times. I'm so hard to please.

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