Sunday, April 19, 2009

I don't get it.

Yesterday I had a clearly positive opk on FR. And a not-quite-sure-it's-so-dark-but maybe-not-quite-but-well-yeah-maybe-so-anyhow internet cheapie. And a negative digital that was just a tad away from being positive.

I wondered if I was on the tail end of a surge (which would make sense, as I've seen that digital before). So this morning, I rush downstairs when I get up at 11 to test my theory. Granted, lh surges in the morning, so maybe it wouldn't be synthesized fully, but meh, I can test again later.

GLARINGLY positive FR. The test line is darker than the control and formed instantly. Glaring negatives on the other two. That's twice this cycle that's happened.

I think with all the downsides, I won't use FR anymore. I got quite a few positives and near positives that weren't backed up by ovulation or by other brands of opk's. Sadness, as I LURVE FRER pregnancy tests - they are the bestest.

Anyhow, temp went up to 97.1 this morning, though it's close to being sketchy, as I went to bed at 2 am and temp at 5:30. That's just barely the required 3 hours of sleep and it was sort of frenetic sleep. But it would mesh with other signs, so I'll just keep watching today. So far, cm is greatly reduced (creamy, but there is a tiny bit of ewcm in/near my cervix), and cervix is still high and open, but more firm at this point and whatnot. Hope the signs continue to decrease and my temp stays up (and climbs) tomorrow. I think I may be devastated if that doesn't happen.

But for now, I'm eating cookies for breakfast and then we're FINALLY going to the grocery store (but only buying a wee bit of food as we are poor until DH gets paid again Friday). Still, fresh fruit and everything, YUM.


Nikki1007 said...

I have had the same problem with FRER OPKs. Look closely at them before using them and see if you already see 2 lines. Mine were like that and not even close to the expiration date.

CottonSocks said...

OMG, yes! I noticed that, but I can usually spot the lines on pee sticks, being a pee-stick-aholic. But damn, it never occurred to me that it would impact it. And yeah, the expiration is 08-10. Go figure.