Wednesday, April 29, 2009

However, retching into the sink is not a normal PMS symptom.


Just vomited into my sink while I was brushing my teeth. Well, if you call it vomiting when there is nothing in your stomach.

I'm a freak, things are likely fine.

That was seriously nasty though.

And whoever said that it was better to throw up - you'll feel better? LIAR. LYING LIAR WHO LIED to me. Because I'm still queasy and icky and now my stomach hurts. And I don't want to brush my teeth anymore.

Vomiting is not normal for me barring intestinal flu (don't have) and food poisoning (don't think I have it).


t.bird said...

omg how did i miss all this?! hooray for vomiting!!!!

Tena said...

Yeah morning sickness vomiting NEVER makes you feel better. Anyone who says otherwise is full of shit. Congratulations though!!