Wednesday, April 29, 2009

And feeling less optimistic today.

Yeah, telling people this early was a bad idea.

I knew it.

Temp dropped some today. Not abnormal - exactly like Chickadee, actually. But there has been a huge increase in cm and my boobs are not really sore this morning. All of that seems like my period is coming.

And the tests are all lighter than last night. I mean, they are all still positive - including the digital - but . . . where I could take pictures last night, I can't really this morning. I know, I know. Faintness or darkness of lines doesn't really mean anything, especially from different boxes, etc. etc.

Doesn't matter. I'm pretty much scared witless. I'm going to feel really stupid if I get my period tomorrow or Friday. I knew I shouldn't have taken my temperature - it's still quite high (in the triphasic range). And I am still very nauseated. But . . . yeah.

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weelass said...

Eas. Please put the BBT away. You will just drive yourself crazy. I know you are freaked but that is jus going to make it worse. ((hugs))
:grabs BBT and runs away: