Sunday, April 19, 2009

Feeling hopeful

As evidenced by the purchase of fresh pineapple. Now, to be fair, it was pineapple on sale (already sliced and cored for me - with core retained) or grapes. And grapes don't get eaten much round here.

What does this have to do with anything?

Well, according to internet rumors and my friend Blair, pineapple (specifically the core) may help with implantation in small amounts. Fresh pineapple (and especially the core) contain selenium and bromalin (spelling may be off, as I've seen it six different ways and am lazy). These are supposed to help with a healthy uterine lining and act as an anti-inflammatory which promotes healthy blood circulation to the uterus and lining, respectively.

Does it help? Meh, who knows. It does require the effort of eating the core, which is. . . um. . . not great. And fresh pineapple can be particularly acidic, which can burn your mouth. From what I can tell, it is considered most effective if eaten between ovulation and implantation, 1-5 or 7 dpo, to be exact.

So I ate some tonight. Mostly because I was hungry, and it's fresh and needs to be eaten soon, and was ready to go, but also because I'm feeling hopeful that ovulation has occurred. Fingers are crossed, with very little cm today, more solid cervix and no + opk. And because we are done for this cycle after today, any way you cut it.

But hell, if all else fails, then preventing scurvy can't be bad.

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