Thursday, April 23, 2009

This nausea? Can bite me.

I've been having random bouts of nausea and queasiness since the last 2ww.

I have chalked it up to random things - some stress, some hormones, the vitex.

The last two days, as in today and yesterday, it's been getting much worse. Basically - yesterday morning, on the drive in, I was so close to vomiting (and getting sweaty and anxious as I hate that feeling) that I was doing calculations about whether it would be better to throw up on my lap and the steering wheel or turn my head and throw up on my husband, because I'd likely get most of it in the console.

I kid you not. That's why I missed our normal exit. I did a lot of deep breathing and gulping back.

It went away, with a few more minor moments of nausea.

Today - four times already, I've had the bile-rising, queasy, gulpy, sweaty, where the hell is the trashcan feeling.

I can't think of any change in my diet (except I've had sausage the last two nights. . .) or routine or anything that could be contributing. I otherwise feel fine. No shaking, no vomiting, no diarrhea, no fever, no dizziness. . . just fatigue, and I went to bed a little too late and didn't sleep well, so that's hardly surprising.

So what gives? Cumulation of vitex? Coincidence? Oncoming flu? What? It's too early to be pregnancy related, right? Even though two of my friends (Hi Babs! Hi Heather!) will tell you they both experienced nausea and vomiting as early as 6/7 dpo . . . I'm at 5 (unless I ovulated on cd 24 instead of 26, which is possible, I guess, but unlikely). That's too early.


I know, I know. Fishing.

But I'd like an explanation, and I'd like it to be pregnancy, because there is little in the world I hate more than feeling like I'm going to throw up. This blows.

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Elaine said...

Eas, your chart is looking very pretty so far. I wish you lots of luck!