Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend Update

Ahhhh, memories of when I used to watch SNL . . . Norm MacDonald will probably always be my favorite.

Anyway, to the more pressing and relevant issues of my uterus and any possible contents of said uterus.

Dunno. It's still too early at 8 dpo to say much. My boobs are sore, even after going braless as I have for much of the weekend. Normal for this point, though. If it persists for the next couple of days onward, that is a possible sign. Normally as progesterone decreases (as in a non-pregnancy cycle) the soreness goes away.

Ummmm, nausea still there. Everytime I think it's gotten better, I have a moment like this morning where it floods over me. That sucked, especially as I was eating a lovely breakfast my husband made just for me. But blech. Still haven't taken my vitamins because I felt so icky.

Let's see. Other than that, my temp jumped up this morning to 98.0. This is significant because I don't generally see temps that high. I don't want to say never ever, because in the last four years, I haven't charted beyond confirmed ovulation. But before that I did (so about 2 years) and I can say that barring fever or pregnancy, I don't generally see temps in that range. True enough for Chickadee and the ectopic, anyway. It makes me excited but also a little leery, because I'm scared of another loss or ectopic, but for now . . . I'm feeling hopeful.

In total phantom symptoms, fishing territory - twingey, light cramps yesterday that since went away and a perceived uptick in frequency of urination. But either of those could be attributable to several things, so I'll just throw that out there for grins.

I'm also feeling headachey. I SO wish I could have Advil right now. Other than the above, not much to say. If my temp stays high tomorrow, I may take a test, but given that it is 9 dpo. . . it would be pretty early.


Elaine said...

I have been stalking your chart and it does look pretty. I hope your temps stay up!

shotzie said...

Good luck!