Thursday, April 30, 2009

Here is the update -

Beta is 25.

The median reported at 11 dpo (when blood was drawn) is 23.

So I'm right on target at this point, according to

Of course, the initial number isn't the concern, doubling normally is. I have an appointment for Monday already in place. I didn't speak with my mw - I spoke with another affiliated with the center as my mw was out of the office at a homecheck. So she didn't know my history and said it was pretty low and that we'd need to repeat within 2-4 days. I told her that MW and I had spoken previously about giving it plenty of time to develop, and I had an appointment for Monday.

I feel pretty good about this right now. I know it's low, but it's on track, and I feel like it will continue on track. I hope so, anyway.

Still majorly vomit-y and nauseated. Boobs are not as sore as a couple of days ago, but still achey and sore (and um, holy nipples, Batman!). Get very sleepy/tired very easily. Still crampy, but not badly so. Still have lots and lots of wet creamy white cm and NO signs of spotting. I should have started my period today or tomorrow and definitely should have had some spotting by now. Cervix is low, soft and closed (normally low, firm and closed).

So I feel pretty good right now. Let's cross our fingers for doubling!


jaime said...

Congrats! Can't wait to see your update next week with high numbers.

Elaine said...

I'll have my fingers crossed for you on Monday!