Tuesday, December 16, 2008


That is my highest recorded temp ever. Previously seen in my other pregnancy chart.

Things are looking up.

I caved when I saw it and tested this morning, and it was (of course) a BFN. I'm only 9 dpo!

But I feel really, really positive about this. So very, very hopeful. It continues to go up. And up and up!

I'm just in a really happy, upbeat, positive mood right now. I feel like the bfp is coming. Apart from the spectucular temperatures - the frequent need to pee, the fatigue, the gassiness, the breathlessness - all familiar. The boobs are aching in the growing way they were last time, not the generally sore way they are before a period. The cramps aren't general cramps like a fist grabbing me and squeezing - they are different. Hard to explain, actually, but I feel good and bubbly and hopeful.

I hope that I'm not setting myself up for disappointment, but really? This chart looks terrific.

In fact, here is a link. Vote on the pregnancy poll if you're bored.



Seriously. I have to pee again. 4th time this morning. What have I had to drink? Fair question - I had milk with my cereal and 4 oz of juice. I finished a grande hot chocolate w/ cinnamon dolce about 15 minutes ago (or- too soon to have to pee it out).

Also? Gassiness. GAH. Benefit of my own office? Can quietly and unassumingly pass gas and no one knows. Downside? If someone walks into a cloud of my noxious fumes, the source is obvious. BTW - there is no question that this might caused by chili. Yesterday, I questioned that. Today, not so much. Because I have not eaten any chili. Or anything but cereal. And Cap'n Crunch doesn't do that to me, kwim?

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