Saturday, December 6, 2008

Smiley faces, Christmas Trees, Spurs games and my husband.

First - Smiley Faces.

I've been using OPKs. I know, I'm a hypocrite. I've previously been wildly opposed to such measures, as expensive and unnecessary for someone who is charting. They can be one more stressor trying to intrepret them and they are not wholly accurate, in that you can have an LH surge (just as you can have ewcm and a high open cervix) and still not ovulate.

But my friend mentioned to me that with my long, long fertile phases they may help pinpoint when we really needed to have sex, so we could give ourselves a break. Before the BFP I was contemplating using them. I got pregnant, so it wasn't necessary, but I thought of it again for this cycle, since things could be so screwy after the miscarriage.

So I've tried them, but as I've mentioned earlier and before - I stuck with the pricey digital that gives you a smiley face when you have a positive.

Well, I used the last one last night - 7 negatives. Joy, that. So after debate, we bought some more, and some store brand to try as well. Got home tonight and took the first one . . . and it gave me an error. AUGH. Tried the store brand while I waited for the digital to clear to blow another stick. Now, I know they tell you not to try and read the sticks, but I do anyway. They've been getting darker. This one was DARK. So I had to do another. Store brand came up maybe positive, in that it was pretty dark and pretty close, but maybe not quite as dark as the other lines.

Then, glory of glories! SMILEY FACE! WOOOOO! That means we are going to have a lot of sex in the next 36 hours, possibly in the next 48 hours, in hopes of pregnancy. I'm stupid excited about seeing that.

Also, I have some fun new 'marital aids' as my DH calls them. Not sex toys - no batteries or bondage gear - just interesting flavored lubes or body paints or what have yous. A lot that we bought for our trip and are only just now getting to try. So far, we've liked everything and it has made sex a little spicier, or at least inspired us to get more creative, burst from the routine a bit.

Second - Christmas Trees, Spurs Games and DH

Fun times for me! I love Christmas and decorating for Christmas is one of my favorite things. I adore it and always want to make it fun.

DH on the other hand - Christmas can be a rough time for him. 4 years ago, he walked out on a ledge with the intention of jumping off it. He climbed out, leaned out and eventually made the brave decision to climb back, walk back and call me to tell me he wasn't ok and hadn't been for a long time. He got the help he needed (and is healthy and happy today), but a lot of that still hurts him a bit and the holidays can bring that out.

Add to that - DH hates decorating of any variety. He's happy enough to enjoy the results, but aesthetics are something he doesn't care about. Functionality - yes. Pretty - not if it means more effort on his part. He enjoyes Christmas decorations when they are up. But putting them up - he'd rather go for a colonoscopy, thanks.

Now, I would do much of it myself - but I can't. We have to put the tree on an end table to keep it away from the dog. In addition to a tree, we hang a lit garland (I want to get another for the dining room). Well - I can't do either of those things, because they are too high up. Even on the step stool. I can't reach. So of necessity, DH has to do it. I seriously reign in my perfectionist tendencies to help, but he gets frustrated at spending lots of time putting up something that is only going to come down again in a few weeks.

(Side bar - Last year, I offered to leave the tree up year round. He was all for it, until I pointed out that a year round tree meant we were also redecorating every month for whatever was up coming - blue and silver for winter in January, red and pink and white for Valentine's day, green for St. Patty'd day, pastels for spring, red and white and blue for Memorial Day, and so on. He turned positively green at the thought, lol)

But, today was sort of a rough day, and I let slip during Christmas shopping that I was seriously frustrated with his griping about something important to me. That I kept trying to make it fun and enjoyable and I didn't even want to do it this year, because I expected it to end in a fight or gritted teeth and I was sad, because it's one of my favorite things in the year. He apparently took that seriously and is trying hard to make this evening fun.

I love him SO much for that. For listening to me and what I was saying, for taking my feelings into account and making the effort. It's special to me that he loves me enough to do that.

How does any of this relate to the Spurs? Well, by sheer coincidence, in the previous years that we've decorated this house, there has happened to be a Spurs game on. So we watched as we hung ornaments and garlands. By further coincidence, it's happened to be a game against a lottery bound west coast team. And tonight? Spurs play the Warriors. Let's hope this new, odd tradition sees all the way through and we see another victory tonight.

Drunken sex (we bought two bottles to decorate with), positive opk sex, and Spurs victory sex (hopefully) with fun new things to be creative with - that definitely equals good sex. And would be awesome conception sex too, no?

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