Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Nothing to report, so Laser Tag report instead.

Well, still positive and no call back about blood work. So no news there. Spotting still very present, though brown today instead of red. I have no idea what it means.

So yesterday, I went and played Laser Tag. Not by choice, mind you. SIL is dating DH's best friend and BF is only in town briefly before he goes for a third tour in Iraq. So it was necessary to spend time with them. To my dismay, BIL and SIL that I don't care for where also invited. But hey, maybe we'd find common ground. Or something.

So, plans were not definite, but bowling and miniature golf were expected. Instead, Laser Tag became the game of the day. Now - no. Just, no. I don't need to explain. I suck at that shit. Running, aiming, dry ice fog? Kill me. I told my husband how me he so owed me for this, and went.

I will admit, as my fabulous Jen pointed out - I didn't have to talk to them if I was playing and I could legally shoot them. An excellent point, nevertheless, no. At first I had the perfect excuse. We had all parked far away, but all the women had stupidly brought our purses and there was nowhere to stow them. But before I could volunteer to sit out, tickets were purchased for us all. So I could not gracefully decline and decided to make the best of it. By which I mean, grab a corner and shoot anything that walked past me. It meant getting shot a lot, but hey, I wasn't soaked through with sweat when we were done and I found a corner out of the reach of the fog machine.

The problem was all the kids. There were some mean little bastards running around. Of course, I shot at all of them, so make of that what you will. It wasn't terrible. I shockingly didn't come in dead last. I ranked 17 of 24. Not bad, for standing right in the open.

We played a second round. It was fine. People were more competitive, myself included. I found a better corner that time. The group was big and everyone had played a round, so they nicely turned off the 5 second recharge after you were shot, so it was only 1 second. That made it more fun.

I found a spot with clear shots at the second level. People would stop because they thought they could shoot me, but I had clear shots at them too. I got hit a lot, but I also took out a ton of snipers. The kids were still milling around, and some douchbags were taking it way too seriously, but I just stood there. Did I mention I was wearing jeans that were too loose? It was so annoying, I had to keep pulling them up. Nevertheless, I still managed to climb up to 12 overall out of 29. Not too shabby for not moving at all.

Still - no thank you. I did get to shoot my husband 6 times. Which was fun. My two SILs came over in the first game and talked to me, and I just stood there nodding and shooting them. That was greatly amusing to me. They never even noticed. But I shot them each like 6 times.

I won't get into the family dinner after that, except to say no one warned me it was going to be the entire in-law clan for dinner. It was fine, as these things go, but given how little I get along with my in-laws in general, I was not happy to discover that we were essentially repeating Christmas dinner minus the presents. And still no wine to get me through, since I am still possible pregnant.

I fear that the redo of Christmas dinner yet to come (because my third BIL was not in town, but will be this weekend) will push me over the edge into full insanity. I may be reduced to pickling my maybe baby's brain out of sheer self-preservation.

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