Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Frequent Urination or All In My Head? You decide.

Ok. This is my usual count, non-pregnant:

-Mid-morning/Lunchtime at work
-Afternoon at work
-As soon as I get home

After that it varies by liquid consumption. Average liquid consumption for the above would be 40-80 oz of liquid (4 oz of juice, 16 oz latte, 40-60 oz of water. Usually around 40 these days)

Average of the past three or so days:

-Again in the morning, before I leave for work or within 20 minutes of arriving at work
-Afternoon around 2
-Immediately on arriving at home, having done the 'omg, I have to pee, I have to pee, I have to pee' routine for the last hour or so.

Average liquid consumption is actually less than reported above - I've only been drinking a single glass of water at lunch the past day or two in an effort to make holding my pee until I can get home (and subsequently test if I want to) easier to achieve, and to avoid inadvertently diluting the urine.

I am currently about to take the lunch pee break, which will be my fourth time peeing so far today.

Thrilled to know that are you? Good.

This isn't just in my head, is it? It is annoying. Extra annoying because it's been cold as fuck outside and guess what? I have to walk outside to get to the bathroom. So I've been dealing with the freeze to death or deal with heavy coat dilemma.

Not fun, people, not fun.

Next round? Feel my boobs. Are they heavier? Are they more tender? Are they sore? You be the judge! Oh, wait. . .

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