Monday, December 15, 2008

I only need 16 more points to be pregnant!

Or, you know, an embryo and a positive pregnancy test. Whatevs.

But yes, I have acquired 84 pregnancy points! *curtsies and accepts applause*

And my temp today was a toasty 97.9 - which is exactly what it was at 8 dpo on my bfp cycle. I honestly, as into signs as I am right now, do not know what that means. Probably nothing, of course, but it is a pretty high for me, and is encouraging.

Again, I have trouble doing anything that doesn't involve staring soulfully into my chart's lines and dots and wishing I could get an answer already. I.Am.Obessed.


I am doing well otherwise. Soon as I have pictures, I will entertain you with the story of Christmas decorations at our house.

Meanwhile, I will continue willing my chart to reveal something, anything to me and think about testing, but resist - because srsly, it's 8 dpo. I will not be that girl. 9 dpo, on the other is a totally respectable ridiculously early testing date. . .

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