Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Uhm, is there something between creamy and watery?

Because I am having that in abundance.

Like, I thought my period had started. Only it was very, very wet white cm. Lots of it. And come to think of it, I've been having that the last three or four days (though not quite so much in abundance). I've had that before - not long before clearly (clear) watery cm or EWCM. Milky might be a good word for it, only that has connotations that I can't be down with.

Also? Very bad cramps. Now seem to be gone. But another reason I thought my period might be making an early appearance. BAD. Look, I don't normally have more than mild cramps and bloating during my period, and Advil is usually ok to cover that. These were reminiscent of the miso cramps. Ouch.

I felt very discouraged for awhile, but for the last hour, I've been focused on how badly I need to pee. Again. No coffee and only 1 glass of water today. Ree-dick-you-luss. But if I want to test tonight, I have to hold it and let it marinate. I may just give up on that idea though, cause seriously. Have to pee.

And? Nausea. Honest to goodness nausea came and played for about 30 minutes and then left again.

My body had BETTER NOT be fucking me over. Hear that, body? I'm watching you with the side-eye. If you are just screwing with me and not pregnant, I'll find ways to hurt you.

ETA: 96 pregnancy points. I so wish they meant something and weren't there mocking me, getting my hopes all up and shit.

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Patricia said...

I'm known as BamaGypsy03 on BOTB. I just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you. No matter what the outcome the next few days, you're in my thoughts, and I'm right there with you hoping for you. I hope this isn't stepping out of line to you, I just wanted you to know I'm thinking about you, even if I am just mainly a lurker and blog stalker.