Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Now we might be getting somewhere.

Took a $tree last night with inadvertently very concentrated urine. Test line showed up immediately and quite dark, even for a $tree.

Took one this morning and the line was there, but it was a lot lighter than last night. Urine wasn't as dark as last night, but it stewed for longer, so I was somewhat surprised.

Took a FRER and . . . the test line didn't show up immediately, as it has been doing. A line did show up, but it's waaaaaaaay lighter than the lines have been this week. Like, faint positive light. Cramping increased overnight. Spotting didn't seem markedly different, though I did comment to DH yesterday that I felt a bit like a leaky faucet. There didn't seem to be much more fluid, but the feeling was there.

So perhaps this is it then. Perhaps it will drag on for awhile longer, but maybe not. I'm sort of hopeful we can reach a conclusion before too much of the New Year has passed anyway. We will be trying again, OPK's and all, if this would just end.

But no time for brooding! I have to go take my car to be checked out.


Edited to update.

Car is a-ok again, and not too soon, given that the inspection sticker expired today. I can't actually have it inspected until I get home again, but it's a good feeling anyhow. And honest mechanic to boot! Thanks, Mr. Mechanic! You rocked my world.

Unfortunately, the parts supplier to Mr. Mechanic did not rock my world. He needed two parts he did not have in stock, so he called his supplier. Only his supplier screwed up 3 times. Had to make a total of 4 trips out to him, each one requiring about 30 minutes to complete. Holy hell, it took forever. FOREVER. And it was freezing. My fingernails actually turned purple, I shit you not.

Fortunately, it was all fixed and I got more of my favorite Chinese food.

Unfortunately, after the nap I took, I feel seriously, seriously ill. Like I will vomit at any moment, even as I type this. It's very uncomfortable.

Other updates? Apparently, my mw sent a requisition for b/w in Monday, so I could have had it done then. But since no one informed me of this, Friday is the earliest it can happen. Given the above issues, I figure I'll wait until Friday to have it done. I did take another $tree test after we got back from the car thing and it was a darker positive than the FMU test. Go figure. I gave up trying to figure it out awhile ago. We'll see what morning brings, which is all I can do. I may toast in the New Year, but will not be indulging in more than that I think. I'm back to being afraid to take the blood test and afraid to hear the results, because I still secretly hope this is the little pregnancy that could and there is a little bean in there fighting hard and growing. Even as unlikely as that is, the truth is somewhat unwelcome. It seemed that spotting increased to a light flow today, but it is impossible to tell for certain; what I can say is that it was definitely brown.

At least the bruise from the last blood draw (8 days ago) is finally fading, thank God.

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I am so sorry that this is happening. (it's mrsmacias)
Happy New Year and here's to a better year!