Wednesday, December 10, 2008

True Love Is . . .

When your husband turns on the Spurs/Mavs game you would normally be psyched to watch, and you sigh to yourself because you really aren't in the mood after a very high stress day, and he notices and asks what is wrong.

You explain that you don't really want to watch the game, but it's fine if he does since tv is all re-runs and the upstairs cable isn't so much with the working at all.

He promptly changes the channel and says he loves reruns of NCIS and was busy during this episode of The Mentalist, so he'd like to see the whole thing.

You explain that it's really ok if he watches the game, you're on the internet anyway. And it makes you a bad Spurs fan, so put the game on.

He promptly says he can live with a bad fan, which is better than a stressed out wife, and he'll catch the highlights later, and really, he loves NCIS reruns.

That? my friends, is true love and sacrifice. It was apparently a taut game that went to double OT and the Spurs eeked it out and he didn't watch a second, because I was feeling out of sorts and he knew a tight game would leave me angry. Love that man.

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